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Monday, May 26, 2014

Save the Davis Flora!

The campaign against Measure P has reached the heights of absurdity. The advocates of the new water rates are saying that homeowners need to stop watering their lawns; indeed, they advocate killing the grass and many types of trees if they require too much water. As someone said, “[p]eople at some point have to accept that their world is changing.”

This criminally neglectful treatment of flora has to stop. Trees, grass, and flowers didn't cause the lack of water that Davis apparently suffers from. People did. Yet we are to punish the innocent flora for the sins of humans? This is outrageous!

Let’s start taking responsibility for our actions. If people caused the need to conserve water, let people bear the brunt of conservation. Continue to feed the flora with water so they can survive, nay thrive, and be happy as they convert carbon dioxide to the pure oxygen that we all breathe. Let humans take the hit. Stop taking showers and baths — those send lots of water down the drain. Stop washing clothes; the pollutants in your soaps mean the water you use cannot be recycled, and so is wasted. Stop washing your cars and drive with dirty windows — that will save even more water. Drink fruit juice instead of the Davis water — apparently it’s better for you, given the claimed impurities of the Davis water, and it leaves the water for the plants, who will happily absorb it.

Let’s take responsibility for the problems we create, and deal with them ourselves, without starving the poor plants upon whom our lives depend!

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