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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another Thought About the UC Davis Incident

Students at UC Davis are here for an education, not an assault. The students were being non-violent. Rather than listen to their concerns about tuition costs, shrinking state support, and large debts upon graduation, the University administration chose to ignore our Principles of Community and evict the students—violently.

People are calling for Chancellor Katehi’s resignation. Whether she stays or goes is not the point. The point is that never again must non-violent UC Davis students be assaulted. The administration, the police, and the students are all members of our campus community. The Principles of Community apply to all. Let us all follow them.

And I reiterate what I said before: the administration, indeed the entire University community, share the same goals as the students. Why on earth didn’t the University demonstrate support for the students by working with them to handle the health concerns, and have some folks (not police in riot gear) to be there in case safety problems arose? Work with the demonstrators, not against them. I have no idea if the news would have covered that, but I'm sure the UC Davis media folks could have made a heck of a story out of it—and I suspect the University administration would have preferred no coverage to the coverage they got.

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